About us

Wiesbauer’s of Vienna dedicated aim is to have:

- Not merely satisfied customers
- Not merely convinced customers
- But to have committed and enthusiastic customers!

The Franz Wiesbauer meat processing business was founded about 80 years ago and belongs today to Austria’s largest and most advanced business in the field of sausage and ham production. It is a successful family business run by Mr. Karl Schmiedbauer as the chairman of the non-executive board of the 2010 founded Wiesbauer Holding AG, and his son Thomas Schmiedbauer as Group Managing Director.

The business was founded by Franz Wiesbauer in 1931 in Vienna. In 1968 his widow Maria Wiesbauer took over the business to be followed by Karl Schmiedbauer in 1988. Within just a few years Karl Schmiedbauer transformed the Wiesbauer business into a state-of-the-art business in the meat processing industry.

Wiesbauer´s dedicated aims are not merely satisfied or convinced customers but to have committed and enthusiastic customers – that is the key message of their mission to which all employees follow as a guiding principle within the business. The key terms: nature – people –technology, symbolized by three columns in front of the head office which was inaugurated in the south of Vienna in 1995, takes a central lead in the company´s mission. In March 2007 the company logo with the new business slogan: “Wiesbauer – typically Austrian” was introduced.

The Wiesbauer group of companies and subsidiaries today employees today more than 825 employers and the group turnover (2018) is Euro 189 Million.

Some key fact of Wiesbauer:

  • The Bergsteiger brand accounts for a large part of the business
  • Wiesbauer produces more than 80 Austrian sausage products
  • 50% of the turnover is achieved in Export markets all over the world
  • Wiesbauer sees itself as the “Austrian sausage and ham ambassador”
  • In 2003 the product “Master Ham” was awarded “Product Champion”
  • In 2008 Wiesbauer launched the “Wiesbauer Exquisit” for fine hams
  • In 2008 the Butterschinken (butter ham) was awarded “Product Champion”
  • In 2009 the product “Wiener Prater Stelze” was introduced and it is been sold in Germany as “Brat Haxn” which received in Germany the highly acclaimed “Meat Star Marketing Prize 2010”
  • In 2012 the product "Gebratene Puten Keule" was awarded “Product Champion”

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